Future Happiness

University at eighteenStraight As but with a social lifeDream job straight outta schoolMarried by thirtyFirst home within a year of thatHolidays in distant placesFriends in high placesPerfect kidsThe best schoolsEarly retirement-Fill in the blanksWith your recipe for yourFuture happiness.The future is elusive by natureAnd it’s hard enough to perfectly predict the weatherLet alone future bliss.The […]


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Joy along the way

God didn’t waitUntil day number sevenTo say‘Ít is good.’He said it fromThe very first day.Before the seas were teemingWith fishOr the skies punctuatedWith constellations,Or the hills and fieldsWere filled with tall grass and fragrant flowers.No, on that first dayWith having justSeparated light from darkness,He pronounced satisfaction,Happiness,Delight, even.Joy along the wayIs often hard to findBecause we […]

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Craving for ‘more’

Having a mouth full of foodAnd yet craving for moreIs not only gluttonyBut a failure to appreciate the goodness that is available to you.The children of Israel were living throughThe greatest miracle of their lives:The very Creator of the UniverseWas walking with themPlundering their enemiesParting seas on their behalfAnd feeding them the very bread of […]

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False humility

Is stingy. A refusal to share your joy With those who would receive it. To act as though delightful things Are not so. To not bear good news. It isn’t a more noble alternative to pride, Nor a useful way Of accepting feedback. In a year that has exceeded its fair share Of hard luck […]

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