Creative Confidence

When will you stop asking for permissionTo do what you’ve beenPut here on earth to do?When will you be convinced?How many pats on the back will it take?Five star ratingsStanding ovationsTestimonials-All of it won’t ever be enoughTo fill up the gaping holesOf your insecurity,So stop waiting untilYou feel worthy to create-You already are.Creative confidenceComes after […]

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Performing arts

It starts with a heightened awarenessOf your flaws.Your differenceHow no one seems to share your point of viewHow being transparent seems to not work in your favor,And so you turn inwards for answers,Introspecting,Manufacturing within yourself thingsYou think others would prefer to see about you,And then choose put that on display.And at first you put on […]

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It isn’t the media

That makes us insecure It’s the disapproving voice inside our own heads, That finds affirmation in the media we consume. When it comes to our own sense of inadequacy Our own internal dialogue is far more Potent than any piece of content created. It isn’t the media that divides us. How easy it is to […]

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The trouble with validation

Is how passive it is.How easily it allows you to ignore the green lightsYour Creator already gave you.How at the core of it, its a lack of beliefThat you are here for a reason.For some of us, it means giving someoneWho can’t even spell your nameThe right to tell you who you are.Awaiting validation is […]

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The phenomenon of not being comfortable In your own skin Is sadly ubiquitous. At which point of our development Do so many of us lose Our child-like curiosity For the world around us And transform to become beings consumed with ourselves? We stare into mirrors and screens Longer than we gaze across oceans and horizons […]

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Self exclusion

If you go about searching for exclusion And disqualification in the world You will surely find it. And that does not mean it’s all in your head: It’s really there But your insecurity makes it that much more so. What really bothers us sometimes Is that people seem to discern from afar What we wrestle […]

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What is it for? There’s a difference between running after a dream And trying to quench a thirst. Thirst for approval. Thirst for significance. You can hustle because you are trying to catch up, A push for acceptance A plea for people to like you. Ambition done well can build nations. But ambition is a […]

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I used to dream of a reunion Of old companions I had once known; I would finally gain their admiration, And wave my credentials in their faces as evidence of my worth, Flex my muscles to dispel any ideas of weakness, And proudly rattle off my accomplishments as the final testament of my worth, A […]

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