On finding your tribe

One of the greatest possibilitiesOf the ongoing human experimentIs that the people we find kinship withMay not share our bloodOur skinOr our beliefs,But have the eyesTo see one another truly.Deeply.With hearts that have the depth and breadthTo hold space for each other.We do not need to be the sameTo walk with one anotherBut we do […]


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The business panacea

In a world of ever increasingSocial ills,The promise of entrepreneurshipGradually inflates in size and scopeUntil it becomes the only way forwardWe imagine possible.In a milieu of poor alternativesThe private businessHas become the magic bullet,The pure blade,The weapon of choiceTo slay our giantsAnd make us whole.But how can we expect businessTo solve the problems the StateHas […]

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The pressure of pioneering

Change is undemocratic. It is a double edged sword  That cuts even those  That call for it. Even when you see it coming  It can still be quite unsettling.  Overwhelming. Those who are  Agents of change   Are deeply privileged to exist in these spaces, To have the means and the time to Figure out their […]

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Freirean Physics

The task of humanising the worldIs uncomfortable.Unsettling by natureDisruptive by design.Freirean physics Is counterintuitive. It is the science of innovationThat recognises that to truly changeThe order of things We must first be changed ourselves,Interrogating our own hearts Upending our own way of being human,Finding kinship with our enemy.It turns out that The true tools of freedomAre actually found with the […]

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