Open spacesWholesome roomsWells deep enough to quench thirstFor multiple generations,Food so nourishingIt feeds not just bodiesBut souls.A space that has ceased to beContested for.It is a beautiful thingTo be a given by GodA place to call home-Ground on which to flourishA place on this earthThat is yours to prosper in,A quiet place to rest your […]


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In Limbo

Having plenty of optionsBut no solid leadsBeing tasked to build a fortressWith no bricks to spareAm I at the endOr did I just begin?Flailing wildlyOr flapping my wings?Asking myselfIf I have thrown myselfInto the brier patchOr a bed of rosesWhen I took that leap of faith?

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Proudly African

There is much talk of being proud of our continent and our culture Simply because we come from here. Popular culture has made it appropriate to love your own soil, To never forget where you have come from. But what if your home does not keep you well? What if you are the unwanted child […]

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