On knowing yourself

You’d thinkThat after spending so much timeWith yourselfThat you would actually comeTo know yourself,Understand your urgesMake sense of your hang upsFind true north,But lo and behold-It turns out most of us need therapyTo make sense of ourselves.Perhaps one of the most puzzling thingsAbout being aliveIs how possible it isTo live in a caricature of ourselves;Adapting […]

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The real you

Isn’t riddled with insecurityScrolling on a screenLooking for meaning,Pining for designer clothesAnd ‘summer bodies’Racing up the corporate ladder,The real youIsn’t exhausting your yearsPlaying catch upCompensating for childhood traumas,Proving people wrong,Building statues in honorOf your coping mechanisms,Holding onto whatever you can find in this lifeFor fear that there’s nothing else,Chasing after more and moreAnd finding less […]

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Wrong Signal

Being a black bodyIn places of affluenceAnd convenienceDemandsThat one presents oneselfIn distinctive ways-Distinct from the riff-raffAnd the common criminalLest you find yourselfOn the wrong end ofPetty justice.To give off the wrong signal-A sweaty browAn ill fitting shirtLeisurely walking in a mallwithout a strongAn agenda-All these seemingly innocent thingsCan turn the most mundane of tasksInto a […]

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Outsourced Identity

We don’t find our whole selvesWithin-Just one part.We don’t retain the complete memoriesOf our reality alone-Just our version of events.Part of doing life with othersIs to uncover parts of ourselvesThrough wrapping our worlds upWith those of others,For whether we like it or notOur fates are inextricably joinedWith the fate of our contemporaries.Ultimately our identityIs not […]

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Role Play

What happens  When our virtual lives Come to play in the real world? Can they? Is it possible  For the content we’ve consumed And the contributions we’ve made online  To nudge us to becoming a people  With temperaments that are better suited  For the Internet  Than actual reality?  We live as double agents One foot […]

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Financial Decoupling

Money is rarely just money.Its relationship to our identityIs one few of us can openly admitBut one we all feel intimately.All this talk of financial securityDoesn’t account for the phenomenon whereWhile we are on our wayTo securing the bagThe bag itself has secured us,Binding us to itself until weAlmost solely base our existenceOn moneyAnd the […]

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Seeds of destruction

Each of us carriesWithin our own membersThe machinery necessaryFor our personal catastrophe;Unrealistic demandsOn the people will love,Self destructive tendenciesStemming from a sense of inadequacyOverweening prideThat sucks everything we loveInto a self-serving vortex.Half the battle of being happyIt seems, is weeding outThe sapplings that have sproutedFrom our own seedsOf discontent.

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Still you

It will still be you All those months from now When life stops handing you lemons And hands you flowers instead. You. No other version of you Will magically appear- Counting blessings And being gracious. No The same you With a greater taste for bitter lemonade Than a nose for smelling roses, That is the […]

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The real you

We can find a lot of things If we look inside ourselves; Desires to be loved Cherished Respected. Also desires to dominate Serve ourselves first Win every argument. Which one is the “real” us? Or do we pick and choose Based on what’s convenient for Each moment? Maybe we want to believe In a version […]

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