A coin in His pocket

We are not expansive enoughTo know how significantOur lives are going to be in the end.Maybe we will be celebratedAnd our efforts will have countedFor generations to come,Maybe our work will be creditedTo another,Maybe we will be cancelled posthumouslyMaybe no will remember us.Either way, we won’t be thereTo make a better case forThe life we […]

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On being certain

Certainty is illusive.Counterproductive even.The progress I sacrificeIn pursuit of itIs rarely ever worth the trade.I have found thatA self-determined lifeThat is only as big as my imaginationIs deeply dissatsfying.I am not God.So rather than demandCertaintyI would do well toNot give in to my anxious thoughtsClawing for control and whining forGuarantees,Because this life will always be […]

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Metronome of Jesus

He lived His life on earthAt the pace of Heaven.Thirty yearsWas not too long to wait,Three yearsWas enough time for execution,The measure of his infleunceWas not in the number of followers,He would not be hurriedAnd yet was always open to digressions,He confidently sought the audience of thousandsAnd aslo craved solitude with His Father.The metronome of […]

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New paths. Old Roads.

Pre-pandemic life is gone.Those of us who make it throughWill always know the difference,Reminisce about the things we used to take for granted,How the bar for disasterHas been raised for all of usAnd about how fragileOur way of life really is.For many,Life feels more unpredictableThan ever before,Less secureMore vulnerable to catastrophe.Yet we are still hereWith […]

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Benefit of history

This generation has gained much from being able to look back On the mistakes and victories Of generations passed; Examining their steps to find our own paths to success, Drawing parallels to their challenges and our own, Finding principles in the random decisions they made. We vow to be better. To not be abusive fathers […]

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