Moments of Realization

I met an old lady todayWho I’d helped many months ago,I’d forgotten her nameAnd how I’d helped herYet unknown to us both,The morning we’d metWas a moment of realization.You see, she’d been in painAnd had no ideaIf she’d ever feel like herselfAgain.So she’d come to the hospitalWith high hopesAnd low expectationsAnd was a little disappointedTo […]

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Science in real time

Is messy.Because it is glaringly obviousThat there are more things we don’t knowThan things we do,We haven’t yet gained enough knowledgeTo give us the illusion of controlAnd maybe that is the reality at the core thatWe are grappling with most of all in this pandemic:That we are not truly in controlAnd maybe we never were.The […]

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Hands and wits

The privilege of being a chiropractor  Is to exist in the world as one with  Great power in my members: Hands sensitive enough to find and address patterns  Of dysfunction in the bodies of our patients And a mind attuned to perceive and navigate  The maze of bodily function. We are agents of change in […]

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Creativity = Rebellion

There are things worth rebelling against:ApathyIgnoranceHalf-heartednessDespairPlagiarismDisadvantaging the vulnerablePerpetuating a poor track recordA culture of exclusionTardinessSuperficial unityUnequal scales.Finding ways to do things betterOften requires intentonal steps in unpopular directions-The thing about the status quoIs that no one feels responsible for itYet everyone not pushing against itMakes it possible.In civic life we celebrate people today who were […]

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Soft Power

Every so oftenSome of us find ourselvesWith the means to shape thingsSignificantlyRemarkablyDecisively.To exist in the worldIn such a way thatMakes room for others to thriveTo suffer lessTo prosper.Power is at it’s weakestWhen used for small ambitions;Personal enrichment and short term aspirations.Power at it’s greatestIs soft.Soft enough for the broken to lie onYet strong enough to […]

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The market always wins

Sure, But if it wins at our expense should we keep letting it? If the market wins and leaves millions vulnerable What kind of win is that? If the so called market forces supplant human thriving What exactly are we winning? If the market always wins It implies that something else always loses. Systems are […]

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It is not likely that a restaurant manager will encounter a customer who will mill around the kitchen to check whether food preparation protocols are being followed to internarional standards.Or that a patient will ask her new therapist when they last they attended a continual professional development course.We meet strangers everyday whom we choose to […]

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We do not speak of hardships For the sake of pity. We do not point out inequality Because we are hoping for handouts. We do not cry about painful things Because we are weak. No. We are looking dead on At what’s wrong in the world, Coming to terms with the brutal facts Of our […]

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Great men still need ears

To hear the world that they can so easily Insulate themselves from, And to make out the words being whispered By the least privileged among us, Lest they find themselves becoming oppressors. For it is becoming increasingly apparent That the most successful among us Tend to develop a peculiar kind of deafness That comes from […]

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Savior Complex

Many of us in the helping professions Thrive on the feeling of being needed by others. It allows us to feel important and significant And that our lives will have counted for something. It is also a great reservoir for a self-inflated view of ourselves to fester. Having spent so much time helping others It […]

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