Unfinished Symphonies

Must the song play  All the way to the end  In order to be beautiful?  Must every person you meet  Approve of you  In order for you to feel worthwhile? Must every one of your desires  Have been accomplished  For your life to have mattered? How out of reach is contentment?  Many of our symphonies  […]

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Fifty Percent of Happiness

Is internal.The mental worlds we inhabit,The narratives of a bad lifePunctuated by a few good events,The steady drizzle of discontent,The proclivity for self sabotage,The unrealistic demands of perfectionismA diminishing appetite for goodnessA palate ruined by cynicismA heart hardened by disappointment.There is little in this lifeMore dishearteningThan finally encounteringWhat we’ve been searching forAll our lives only […]

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Future Happiness

University at eighteenStraight As but with a social lifeDream job straight outta schoolMarried by thirtyFirst home within a year of thatHolidays in distant placesFriends in high placesPerfect kidsThe best schoolsEarly retirement-Fill in the blanksWith your recipe for yourFuture happiness.The future is elusive by natureAnd it’s hard enough to perfectly predict the weatherLet alone future bliss.The […]

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Good thing

There is a great temptation in life To not know when we have a good thing. Like having a mouthful of the richest food And only tasting something bland and regular, Not realizing that life may never serve a better meal. Trust is taken for granted until it’s lost, Time is wasted in regret, or […]

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