The greats

The greats were not the onesWho stood on stages,But the onesThat were waiting in the wings.The ones willing toHave uncomfortable conversationsAnd suffer the consequencesOf speaking truthAnd doing justice.Greatness is not definedBy applause,It doesn’t beginIn a hall of fameAnd it doesn’t happenWhen we’re fighting for our own glory.Greatness comesIn the acceptance of what lifeHas brought in […]

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Getting to great

Wonderful thingsDon’t materializeIn our soulsOvernight.Character requires thatThat life itself happens to us Before it coalesces.Life demands livingFirsthand,Not vicariously through a bookAnd not on the fence, observing others-No safe zones Where the minutes don’t matter. We cannot liveAnyone else’ lifeNo matter how hard we try.Our greatnessWill come along the wayOn the path of the mundane In […]

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