On hype

Sometimes the hype is NOT overrated.Human excitement is not worthless,Enthusiasm is priceless andMotivation can be borrowedFor we don’t always have it in us.Vibes aren’t a flaw of modernity-They are an essential life forceThat drives many of us along.The often-scorned energy of a crowdMay not be enough to sustain usAnd indeed group-think has the the power […]

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Consistency isn’t everything

Because things change.People change.Priorities changeAnd rules of thumb evolveDepending on who’s handsWe’re looking at.Just because we’ve chosen poorlyFor so longDoesn’t mean we will do so forever,And if we’ve gotten luckyFor the past two yearsDoesn’t mean its never going toRun out.Indeed our lives tell a storyOver decades,But we don’t live in years-We live moment by moment,Each […]

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The best time to go for a run

Was probably yesterday.Don’t let the factThat you didn’tHit the road beforeKeep you fromGoing out today.Don’t convince yourselfThat you are not the kind of personWho runsBecause you’ve been on aBad streak lately.Your legs still work don’t they?You owe it toThe people counting on youThe people who believe in youTo yourself.Get out.Run.

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