Perfect Paths

Sometimes, we tell ourselvesThat unless we findThe perfect pathThen its foolish to takeThe first step.And yet that is theMost foolish step to of all-The commitment to being noncommittalThe choice of not choosingThe decision to not decide;WaitingFor someone elseTo make your dreams come true.In case you were wondering –There are no perfect paths.No one gets them.No […]


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You are already serving

When you find yourself forced off your intended path, Dealing with the grunt work of your masterpiece, It’s tempting to think that you are wasting time. That you could really do with less follow up phone calls, Less meetings and emails And more of doing what you actually signed up to do. But you are […]

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Dreams are costly. Indeed,they are free to have But they are costly to chase. They might lead you down a path that others deem irresponsible, On a journey that will exhaust your resources, Jeopardize your reputation, Put you in danger of bankruptcy And if you’re lucky, your dream might lead certain people in your life […]

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