Loud voices

Can be co-existed with.Celebrated even.In a world where unheard voicesAre being sought outIts often easy to startBy silencing the louder voices-‘Tone it down’,‘Stay on mute a bit longer’,‘Let others shine’.But what if loud voicesWeren’t necessarily dominating?What if we could find a way to prosperAltogether?The loudest voice in the roomDoesn’t have to drown outAll the others,It […]

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In love with the roar

There’s a cheap kind of progressThat’s the equivalent ofWanting a pet lionThat can only roarBut never bite.Its one thing to say all the right thingsWhen it comes to diversity and inclusionAnd quite another to actuallyAccept that the world is complexAnd that your simplified wayOf moving through itWon’t cut it anymore.Real change is often inconvenient,And inertia […]

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Of Shepherds and Perfectionists

When faced with a senseThat people like youIn places like thisHave great odds against themHow do you respond?Some have ascended to the heightsIn search of perfectionHoping to rise above the frayBy sheer perfectionOr its nearest relative.Others have looked at their counterpartsAnd those that will come after themPromising to always have another’s backPointing out the pitfallsLighting […]

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Second opinion

Getting another perspective Is not an indication that you don’t trust your own But that you appreciate the benefit of another set of eyes and ears Looking at something that’s not so obvious to see And listening in on a conversation that we could have misunderstood. It becomes tricky when we believe that we that […]

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