Being a son

Starts with rememberingThat you didn’t bring yourselfInto this world,That you were thought of by anotherYears before you had the capacityTo have any thoughts about your own existence.You were spoken for,And given a name to be known byA people to belong toAn identity to reside in-Gifts that can be embraced or despisedBut that are inseparable from […]


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Dinner Table

We become fuller versionsOf ourselvesThrough the people we choose toEat with,We share fresh familiar mealsThat all at once bring back old memoriesAnd usher in a warm senseOf future possibility.Fathers and mothersBreak bread at the table,Feeding the childrenWith food and wisdomIn equal measure.Mama brings out the cake-The icing is as thickAs the love she smothers us […]

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Winning Within

There’s no greater victoryThan a victory of the soul-Overcoming your own selfishnessWalking away from addictionFinding healing for insecurityAssuming responsibility for your own actionsReally changingPutting away victimhood,ForgivenessBecoming wholeFreedomLoving people instead of using people,Letting go of idolsClinging on to God.You might not get a trophyFor any of these thingsBut you’ll definitely beWinning withinWhen things such as theseAre […]

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“I’ll do it alone”

Said the womanBefore she threw herselfOff a jagged cliffOf rugged self determination-Pioneering a new wayDoesn’t mean walking alone,The path may be unbeatenBut it doesn’t have to be lonely.And just because no oneUnderstands what you’re trying to doDoesn’t mean you should stop tryingTo find your tribe,Not everyone’s gonna get itThe first few times around.Yes, it often […]

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Great Equalizer

We are all on the wrong side of the equation. Less than we should be Distorted by the intensity of our desires, Unable to handle pleasure, With a fatal attraction to evil. The scariest things about being alive on this earth, Do not emanate from the skies above Or crevices below, But from the recesses […]

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