The cynic’s purse

Is always empty.There is nothing savvyAbout sowing doubt wherever you go,Permamently carrying a red penLike an examiner who refuses to be pleased,Finding fault and relishing it,Holding it up as thoughIt were a coveted trophy.Maybe if you weren’tRolling your eyes so muchYou’d see the substanceOf the many things you criticize.Its one thing to haveA lot of […]


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On being too woke

To be able to “see through everything” Is not a gift of insight, But rather it is the worst kind of blindness. The person who can go a lifetime  Without ever living deeply for anything, The professional skeptic who  Never quite devotes them self To anything more than their own opinion, Is not sophisticated- They […]

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Seeing it for yourself

Sometimes its worth seeing for yourselfIf the stereotypes are trueIf there really is no better alternativeIf the door really is lockedWith no way in-Not so you can join the ranksOf naysayers and status quo-defendersBut so that you might be ableTo find a back door.Cynicism leaves little roomFor redemptionAnd its almost as though cynicsEnjoy being right […]

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Still you

It will still be you All those months from now When life stops handing you lemons And hands you flowers instead. You. No other version of you Will magically appear- Counting blessings And being gracious. No The same you With a greater taste for bitter lemonade Than a nose for smelling roses, That is the […]

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