Writing about freedom

Is not the same as being free.There’s a lot of thingsThat if I wrote about themWould render me cowardOr a hypocriteBecause my pen is more fluentThan my actual voice.Its true, sometimes the words on the pageFeel rapturousTranscendent,But then the paragraph comes to an endAnd the things I’ve been avoidingAre still waiting for me.Writing about freedomIs […]


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Hiding behind the pen

The pen can be a formOf passive aggression.A way of saying things on a pageThat you can’t bring yourself to sayFace to face.Many books are filled with wordsThat were left unsaid,Plans that were never carried out:Life that was not lived.While narrative is a superpowerIt cannot replace actual experiences.Words are meant to describe, informAnd even shape […]

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Other people’s achievements

Are external landmarksOf the good things that have come to passAlong their path.What you see as you scroll on yourTimelineIs not evidence of your inadequacyNor indicators of where you‘Should’ be.Seeing someone else’s smooth sailingDoesn’t have to take the wind outOf your own sails.Other people’s achievementsHave nothing to do with you,With your combination of fear and […]

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Unlikely paths

David was just a lad. A typical last born, Eager to grow up Earnest in his pursuits Awkward in his steps. His veins ran quick With the blood of a warrior Something inescapable within him Seemed to always draw him to battle, Yet he found himself running errands For those that actually engaged in them. […]

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Brave Faces vs. Brave Hearts

Brave faces are what we put on when everything isn’t okay at home.A show of strengthThe forced smile in public places.The half-hearted appearance at gatherings like a mindless roll call.A lot of the fodder on our newsfeeds are brave facesThe pleasant but joyless phone call.Putting on a brave face is not bravery at allIts going […]

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Good school-ism

Besides the exclusion that people slap across your face based on where you did (or didn’t) go to school, There is often a self-disqualification that often takes place within. The feeling of self-abasement when you find yourself in the presence of those Who went to better schools. You tell yourself there are certain places you […]

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Topsy Turvy

One challenge of being in charge of a venture Is that we are not aware of how challenging it is To be the one to carry the vision of the project forward, To be the one to have to steer the ship. Its easy to long, in that moment, for a clear idea of what […]

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Fear, you see, Is an occupational hazard of being human. It’s part of our deal with life. Inescapable, though not insurmountable. Beyond the inherent fears that ensure our basic survival There are fears that create structures in our hearts As real as brick and mortar. So in the construction sites of our dreams Its best […]

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