Sunday Confidence

We do not find confidence in a good circumstanceBut in a good God.The money in the bank will flutterLike the wings of a restless bird –She will not perch on your shoulder forever.The regard of men is a shrinking resourceFor no matter how loud the applauseIt will eventually peter out.There is no firmer footing thanSunday […]

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In real life aren’t like the movies.Often you may be the only oneWho notices the changeIn the posture of your heartThe new track in your train of thoughtFresh streak of confidence in your stride.It may take a whileFor the rest of us to seeThe person you are becomingFor many a great masterpieceWas faithfully forged in […]

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Leaving room for disagreement

Isn’t the sameAs not having confidence in your position,Its recognizingThat the world is bigger than youAnd has people in it that may haveBetter and brighter ideasThan your own.The quintessential leaderWho always looks like they are in the knowAnd scorns at even the shadow of a doubtMay get our early supportBut if they can’t make roomFor […]

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Creative Confidence

When will you stop asking for permissionTo do what you’ve beenPut here on earth to do?When will you be convinced?How many pats on the back will it take?Five star ratingsStanding ovationsTestimonials-All of it won’t ever be enoughTo fill up the gaping holesOf your insecurity,So stop waiting untilYou feel worthy to create-You already are.Creative confidenceComes after […]

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On working with works in progress

Its likely that some pointYou will find yourself workingWith less than you would have liked-Not quite enough moneyNot enough time to make it happenNot so great morale.Are you willingTo push throughThe discomfort of imperfectionAnd stay hopeful thatIf you dig deep enoughYou’ll find gold?If this team is ever going to achieveThings you’ll be proud ofYou’re going […]

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Not everything is a team sport

Sometimes the only way to developEnough of a backboneTo make meaningful assertionsIs to do the work that only you can do,Ship itAnd then repeat.There’s camaraderieWhen working with othersAnd ‘another set of eyes’Can often be useful,But there is also safety in numbers;Safety from ultimate responsibilitySafety from being on the hookSafety from the skinned kneesThat come from […]

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Confidence and competence

Are not synonymous.But they are are related. It takes a compassionate eyeTo see through the self-effacing habitsOf the quiet brilliant ones among us.Not everyone who holds silenceHas nothing to say,And many of those who fill up spaceDo so in service of themselves. When it comes to a language thatOne may not be confident in speaking,Those […]

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