Day two

There’s nothing quite likeLooking in the mirrorThe day after you’ve madeA big decisionTo come to termsWith where you’ve gotten yourself into.Are you here for the right reasons?Will it change anythingIf no one else is watching?Are you happy?Day twoIs when the initial reaction wears offAnd you get to better appreciateThe depth of resolveYou’ve managed to mine […]


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On being too woke

To be able to “see through everything” Is not a gift of insight, But rather it is the worst kind of blindness. The person who can go a lifetime  Without ever living deeply for anything, The professional skeptic who  Never quite devotes them self To anything more than their own opinion, Is not sophisticated- They […]

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There are no shallow ends

If you care about anythingDeeply enoughIn this lifeThere will be risk ofGetting in over your headLooking stupidEven drowning.Unpredictablity is insescspableNo matter howRisk averse you are,And the cost of caringWill always be high.So if you know thatThe waters are deepAll the way throughThen its probably worthLearning how to swim.

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There’s something about commitmentThat scares and steadies the heart all at once.Scary because it means forsaking other options,Steadying because now you have tethered your very existenceTo a piece of landTo a causeA businessA person.To be invested,To throw in your lot with anything on this Third Rock from the SunIs risky business:Many a cautionary taleSpeak of […]

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Commitment begets commitment

It makes it easier to choose to stay forThe long haulWhen you see others choosing to do the same.Family.Art.Business.Fellowship.Consistency in othersCan often feel as concrete as the walls around us.This is why broken promises are so shatteringDisorienting.The atmospheres we inhabitAre made up of kept promises as much as they are of oxygen.Simply showing up consistentlyMatters. […]

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