The real you

Isn’t riddled with insecurityScrolling on a screenLooking for meaning,Pining for designer clothesAnd ‘summer bodies’Racing up the corporate ladder,The real youIsn’t exhausting your yearsPlaying catch upCompensating for childhood traumas,Proving people wrong,Building statues in honorOf your coping mechanisms,Holding onto whatever you can find in this lifeFor fear that there’s nothing else,Chasing after more and moreAnd finding less […]

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Blue ticks

Hurt. Not necessarily because of what they are ( a repeated digital symbol in a primary color) But because of what they represent; Being ignored. And for some of us that carries more weight than others Depending, of course, on who you are talking to. Yet for some strange, sad reason, it actually matters. It’s […]

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Racing to our knees

There is a journey towards truth, Available to all Where the destination is not building a castle of fame Where we might hide and find a precarious identity, Making a god of our achievements And enslaving our hearts to applause and pomp. No. This is a different race, Where rather than accumulating accolades We are […]

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