The dark night of the soul

When life fell shortAnd you fell short of LifeHe stood with youAnd offered His own.When the darkness led you strayAnd the torch slipped from your handsHe lit your path with the words of His mouth.When your faults overtook youAnd the consequences stared you in the faceHe offered His shoulders to carry the shame.When the sins […]


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More than yesterday

This journey with GodIs not a walk towardsIncreasing independenceAs though He were a teacherWho is expectant that one dayI’ll graduate to a lifeWithout need of Him.In HimThere is no coming of age,No handling of my businessApart from Him,No upgrade to self-sufficiencyTo a life embedded in the self-will.To walk with the FatherIs to know you are […]

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The trouble with resurrections

Is that we can’t pull them off.We often want stories that are linear,Straight lines from victory to victory:Not stillborn dreamsNot crumbling empiresAnd definitely not the deathOf our greatest ambitions-Because its hard to come backFrom the dead.There is One who diedAnd returned from deathUndoing the thingsThat had left us undone,Giving us what we needed mostBut had […]

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The harrowing prayer of Christ in that gardenDid not change His circumstance.It was His last few momentsBefore going up to be crucified,A crucifixion He spoke of repeatedly.The contents of the prayerReveal a level of vulnerabilityThat is most unsettling.Christ accepts His crushing fateWhile at the same time expressing His desireFor another way.He did not consider His […]

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The real you

Isn’t riddled with insecurityScrolling on a screenLooking for meaning,Pining for designer clothesAnd ‘summer bodies’Racing up the corporate ladder,The real youIsn’t exhausting your yearsPlaying catch upCompensating for childhood traumas,Proving people wrong,Building statues in honorOf your coping mechanisms,Holding onto whatever you can find in this lifeFor fear that there’s nothing else,Chasing after more and moreAnd finding less […]

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Staying for the right reasons

It is not wiseNor is it sustainableTo endure difficult thingsOut of guilt,Or obligation.Life is complicated,Confusing at timesConvoluted.It’s one thing to want to be somewhereBecause its the best you’ve encounteredAnd have no real reason to complain,Quite another when you areAgonizing,Suffering to do the right thing.Jesus sweated bloodWhen faced with the prospectOf what it would takeTo love […]

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Nails were driven Into His Hands, His feet. His side was pierced His back was beaten His head was bruised. He hung, Held up not just by nails But His will to please the Father. His love for us Cost Him everything- The air in his lungs ceased for us His blood flowed on our […]

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This Christian Life

Involves seeing value where others do not see it, Finding supreme value in the Unseen, Delighting in the Love you’ve always craved. This Christian life Saves us from loving things that cannot love us back as we need it, And from making gods out of people who cannot save us. For in Christ we have […]

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Inverse opportunity

Your loneliness is an opportunity To find your place of belonging in Him. Your pain is an occasion to find the Comfort your heart always needed. Your losses in this life are your chance to recount That your greatest gains have already been guaranteed. Eternal.Immovable. The Object of our hope Is One who endured the […]

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We are addicted to lesser things. To things that, in the end, really won’t matter. We love fleeting affection and meaningless possessions Whether it’s a desire we indulge Or one that we fight on a daily, There are desires within us That are often our own undoing. The capacity for human self sabotage is as […]

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