Our work as chiropractors

Matters.Not because we are beholden to a philosophyOr consistent with a guideline-For these are only signposts along the way.Indeed we follow the evidenceNot for its own sakeBut because it points us to a greater reality:The effective, compassionate alleviation of bodily affliction.Our work as chiropractors mattersBecause it is a means by which we add our vote […]

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Fists and Fingers

Individual fingers are really useful forPointingPulling triggersAnd yes, of course, scrolling.But a lone finger can’t pack a punch.There are benefitsTo being professionally separateTo creating a nicheAnd serving it well.But what about the ecosystem?The environment you are evolving inThe greater circle you inhabitThat includes peopleYou don’t likeAnd your so-called competition.There is a timeFor pointing fingersFor going […]

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Moments of Realization

I met an old lady todayWho I’d helped many months ago,I’d forgotten her nameAnd how I’d helped herYet unknown to us both,The morning we’d metWas a moment of realization.You see, she’d been in painAnd had no ideaIf she’d ever feel like herselfAgain.So she’d come to the hospitalWith high hopesAnd low expectationsAnd was a little disappointedTo […]

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Hands and wits

The privilege of being a chiropractor  Is to exist in the world as one with  Great power in my members: Hands sensitive enough to find and address patterns  Of dysfunction in the bodies of our patients And a mind attuned to perceive and navigate  The maze of bodily function. We are agents of change in […]

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Chiropractic for the most vulnerable

Dr Kudzai Zvenyika, a chiropractor, speaking to patients in Gutu,Zimbabwe. The burden of musculoskeletal disorders is greatest amongst the poor and elderly particularly those living in rural communities (1). In countries like Zimbabwe where a series of economic meltdowns have significantly decreased the quality of life of millions, the health inequality gap between the haves […]

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