In real life aren’t like the movies.Often you may be the only oneWho notices the changeIn the posture of your heartThe new track in your train of thoughtFresh streak of confidence in your stride.It may take a whileFor the rest of us to seeThe person you are becomingFor many a great masterpieceWas faithfully forged in […]


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Growth comes quietly

Growth is not heroic.It is not often dramatic.Not often incentivized. A large chunk of it happensFar from any camera lens or microphone.Like the bones of an adolescentSilently elongating overnight,Growth comes quietly-In decisions better madeSelf-destructive tendencies quietly strangledFragile hopes gently nourished.Do not underestimate the need for patienceAnd quiet introspection –For it is there that great things […]

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Time is short

So why live under pressure?Why demand that every momentBe unbelievably high?Or that every effort adds up in a wayThat immediately makes sense?Unrealistic expectationsInvite deep disappointments –So why spend the little time you haveBrushing aside the daily flecks of wonderIn pursuit of golden gourdsAt the end of elusive and potentiallyNon-existent rainbows?The time is short-Reach as high […]

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Foot shooting

Self-sabotage is real.Upward mobility is no straight line.We do not always have our ownBest interests at heart.From climate change to personal addictionLike a moth to the flameWe don’t always knowHow to steer clear of self-inflictedDisaster.Shooting ourselves in the footAs it turns out,Is far more naturalThan it seems.

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Beautiful wounds

Our wounds in this lifeDon’t have to fester,The bedtime emotional replaysOf our lowest points of the dayAre not compulsory featuresOf our sleep routine.The glorifying of our painUntil it becomes who we are,The celebration of ourToxic defense mechanisms for how they save usFrom further painAnd further love-These are all choicesWe really don’t have to makeWith the […]

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The business of redemption

We cannot redeem ourselves.There is no soap strong enoughTo scrub our pastNot enough self-help and motivational contentTo unquestionably alter our trajectoriesThere isn’t enough self-care in the worldTo truly make ourselves whole.Our stories didn’t need edits-They needed to be re-toldPowerfully re-weavedDecisively remastered,Where the marks we’ve made with our failuresAre met with the indelible strokesOf a Master […]

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Loyalty to your flaws

Consistency is overrated. You are not obligated  To your past mistakes. Just because you chose poorly with flair Doesn’t mean you have a commitment  To doing so over and over again.  We do not have to be what we have always been. Do better. 

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The problem with living in your head

Mostly comes whenYou’re the only one in there.Indulging your own insecuritiesObsessing over your own shortcomingsSpending all your thinking capitalTrying to fill the black holeOf self-affirmationSelf-angrandisementSelf-coddling.But there are few better placesThan a mind that is hellbentOn a holy cause,Grappling with the lives of othersCommittted to their goodThinking deeply about what freedomMight look likeOn the backs of […]

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Long roads

At some point you realizeThat those are the only roadsYou have left-The one without guard railsOr dry runsOr pit stops around every corner.Becoming wholeDoesn’t happenJust because we are aware ofOur need for it.It is a roadThat must be walked downA destiny that demands to beContested for.The best version of ourselvesWill be excavated from the dirtNot […]

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