Substitute Saviors

Her armsTheir applauseThe caress of my ego.There are many many placesMy heart tends to run toIn search of salvationAnd it comes up empty every time.Surely if I was going to save myselfI would have done so by now. Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to […]


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Substitutes for honesty

Are glaringly inadequate.Forced relationshipsBorn out of neediness;Enormous family riftsThat grow with every passing year of noisy conversations that reek of the unspoken conversations underneath;Entire careersBuilt on the back of proving a point.When we fail to be honestWe benefit our delusionsAt the expense of who we really are.Here we are no longer real peopleWith real hopes […]

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Skimming Joy

Joy,Unlike milkIsn’t so greatWhen its skimmed.Its like trading inA queen for a pawn,Choosing a careerOver choosing a life,Putting together experiencesBut never quite coming alive,When your diaryHas little spaceFor actual enjoymentOf a given season,But plenty of timeFor complaining about it.Joy helps us savour the daysAnd gives colour to the moments,Joy should not be skimmed-Not light and […]

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Narrow gates, Open spaces

More choice doesn’t always lead to better outcomes.Fighting for moreIs not the sameAs fighting for better.When options are narrowedDistractions are easier to wean outAnd the stakes are raised for thePaths we do choose to take,Coasting is not an optionWhen there’s nowhere to hide.In a world where the default is to ask for more,Its easy to […]

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We are not living in the Matrix. There is no red pill or blue pill to choose from. There is no alternate reality where nothing goes wrong And all your choices lead to exactly where you want to go. Real life is non-binary There are often several paths to choose from But the outcomes are […]

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First brick

The first brick laid for a building Is not likely to be particularly significant in and of itself. It weighs the same as any other brick. It has no unique features Nothing to set it apart from other bricks, Only that it was laid first. In fact, the unremarkable nature of the first brick Is […]

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For He satisfies the longing soul, And fills the hungry soul with goodness. Psalm 107:9 NKJV I am a man of deep yearnings, My heart pines for approval And grovels for attention Constantly seeking, consistently disappointed. For the muscular arms of education and career have not been wide enough to hem me in, Nor the […]

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Is often code name for something else, Or at least a blanket phrase for a number things: Poor communication skills such as the inability to articulate what you can and cannot do, Overstated ambition, where, in fear of being underestimated you take a bite of more than you can actually chew, Or good old fashioned […]

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When it comes to worthwhile academic or vocational pursuits, Its not so clear cut what counts as a worthy pursuit anymore. We can all point to examples of unhappy lawyers and doctors, Though highly respected pushed to the edge Worked to the bone; almost resentful of the well-beaten path They find their feet on. And […]

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