On serving the youth

The youth of the young Is a thing to be weary of  As much as it is a thing  To be celebrated. Weary because its not a handicap And delaying their adulthood  Is a loss to us all. Celebrated Because the fruit of our labor Will be born on their trees.  They are more than […]

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Did you sign up for this?

One of the most disheartening things About modern business Is how many regulations  We have created That justify screwing over other human beings.  T’s and C’s can carry more weight than human dignity And adherence to esoteric policies  Can allow us to mute basic decency – Managerial success but experiential disaster. We sign up for […]

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On micro-management

Its a little bit ridiculousIf you think long and hard about it:ImagineShowing up to workSo that you can make sure others workCertain that the people you work withGot out of bedCleaned themselves upCommuted to your building (or logged onto Teams)As fairly responsible adultsBut once they enteredSuddenly became children needing a chaperone?What is it exactlyAbout the […]

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The business panacea

In a world of ever increasingSocial ills,The promise of entrepreneurshipGradually inflates in size and scopeUntil it becomes the only way forwardWe imagine possible.In a milieu of poor alternativesThe private businessHas become the magic bullet,The pure blade,The weapon of choiceTo slay our giantsAnd make us whole.But how can we expect businessTo solve the problems the StateHas […]

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Retail Joy

The promise of the retail storeIs that sitting on their shelvesIs the thing your heart has been yearning forAll along,All you need is cashAnd you too will be care-freeWind in your hairLiving your best life,But how much happinessCan you actually buy?There are hard limits to whatRetail joyCan really deliverAnd even its greatest offerringsFall far, far […]

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The tyranny of business

Not everything is better  When it is privatised. Market forces aren’t pure hands  Moulding our society. ‘Securing the bag’ isn’t  An infallible top priority. Business culture has morphed our cities  Into highly individualised spaces Where almost anything can be sacrificed For the sake of a bottom line. The attainment of cash  Has become the golden […]

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Being a resource

Is a much better goalThan being a brand.Figuring out what the world needsAnd offering a solutionIs superior to positioning ourselvesFor likes.Being a resourceFor the world around usClarifies our purposeAnd makes it easy to indentifyWho our people are.Ultimately, the surest wayTo finding our place in the worldIs not though salesmanshipBut through service.

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Deep pockets

Having the most money in the roomDoesn’t mean you’re best suited to leadOr that your ideasAre most likely to succeed.And though people will likely defer toThe wealthiest individualsIts important to recognizeThe limits of moneyAnd acknowledge our tendencyTo allow it to cloud our judgement.Deep pocketsAre a measure of the resources available,Not an indicationOf who should tell […]

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Inclusive Innovation

InnovationIs often born out of frustrationAnd convictions about inclusionEmerge from disparate societies.Great progress and affluenceHas often been made possibleBy great exploitation,Mind boggling prosperitySide by side with breathtaking povertyUnequal.Inclusive innovationIs an appeal to our creativityA call to do better,To build a larger tableFor more people to sit atTo dig a deeper wellFor more people to drink.Are […]

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Screwing people over

Seems to be low hanging fruit.How the cookie tends to crumble.We are far too quickTo defend a state of affairsThat involves the powerful making lifeJust a little bit harderFor most other people,Whether its ignoring inequalitiesOr celebrating destructive trends-Humans hurting humansIs a blood sportFor which we have not lostAn appetite for.If business as usualMeans making your […]

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