What are you looking for on the internet?

Omnipresence?No matter how good the interfaceYou can still only ever beFully in one place at a time.Omnipotence?While the digital age has made usMore powerful than any previous generationThere are still glaring limitsTo our humanity.Omniscience?There are some things you cannotCome to knowBy simply Googling themRegardless how hard you search.Distraction?Delight?Escape?Many of us have found a world onlineThat […]


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Every new morning now seems to beChristened by algorithmsAs much as by the sunriseIt seems we are either onlineOr thinking about being thereWe spend more time peering into screensThan into the eyes of other human beingsSo many callsFor our orbitalsIts hard to know where to look.And there are so many things to seeSo many shiny […]

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