The hills we climb

Are not our enemies. The peaks get higher But our legs get stronger, The air gets thinner But our lungs learn to do more with less, The path gets mundane Compelling our eyes upwards to the stars In search of inspiration. The path is good because it is hard Because our feet were made for […]


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Rest.Take a moment to stop.Strategizing how you’re going toMake things work,Handling business,Planning events,Keeping your customers happy,Putting yourself out there,Curating that product,Performing for the masses.Rest,The anti-24/7,Just for a second,Or maybe even a day to simplyClose your eyesAnd just be.Know that the Third Rock from the SunWon’t stop in it’s orbitIf you take some respite.Sure, you may […]

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Shaking my head. Passing judgement Casting stones Handing out shame. Freely. Levelling my gaze of disapproval, Of borderline disgust And disappointment At this person Who never seems to get it right Who regularly sinks to the level Of my low expectations Whose accomplishments are easy to overlook And whose faults are so glaringly obvious. I’ve […]

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Pebble in her shoe

The problem with her problems Is that it was incredibly hard to gain perspective about them, To ration her level of concern appropriately And tune out the noise of her stomach-churning tendency Of vividly imagining the worst case scenario. Her flashes of panic could not distinguish Whether the pain in her head Was an innocent […]

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Weaning your soul

LORD, my heart is not haughty,Nor my eyes lofty.Neither do I concern myself with great matters,Nor with things too profound for me Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul,Like a weaned child with his mother;Like a weaned child is my soul within me. O Israel, hope in the LORDFrom this time forth and forever. […]

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On being hard on yourself

There is freedom to be found In knowing your self worth doesn’t hang On every performance, That you’re not like an athlete Who weighs the balance of his whole existence On the outcome of a hundred metre dash. Sure, there is room for improvement But there is no room for self-mutilation Self-loathing Kicking yourself in […]

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Pandemic Fatigue

Healing and patience are lovers – Alessia Cara What does it mean to give yourself time?To give your heart space to adapt? The thing about being hard on yourself is that you are always there to beat yourself some more. To still pull yourself in the wrong direction again and again. Everyone has their anxietiesTheir […]

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