Cold cuts

Some meals are best served cold:SaladsPina coladaAnd your opinion.Your heated perspectiveLikely isn’t the whole pictureAnd if you’d just wait for it to coolYou might findThat cold cuts are easierOn the palateFor everyone concerned.

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Emotional ROI

What will you spend your time on tonight?Where will your mind’s eye linger?Attention compounds:Spend what’s left of today’s mental energyOn the failures of othersAnd it will pay off in a heart full of grime,Cast your mind on the blessingsYou overlooked todayAnd you might find that your life doesn’t suckAfter all.

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On self-harm

We are always just one decision awayFrom self-destruction.One bitter thought awayFrom sabotaging our relationships,One attitude of self-pity away fromMaking every moment about ourselves.Our propensity towards self-harmIs disturbingly persistent.Desiring the forbidden fruitAs though none of the others were good enough,Leaning into our depravityAs though it were in our best interests to do so.We need saving-Not just […]

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On hulking out

Its not just that he ‘made me’ madHe made me hate who I became around himHow my laughter dried upHow my eyes no longer freely roamed the roomHow nothing seemed good anymoreHow sure I became that none of this was my faultAnd that he had become the bane of my existence.And just like that I […]

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For the love of anger

It turns out anger is prettySatisfying to keep around.It fortifies your moral high groundAnd distinguishes you from the riffraffWho have no opinion.And people take you more seriouslyWhen you’ve really perfected it,Maybe even decorated itWith a touch of sarcasm.Oh and how delightful resentment is,I can’t seem to get enough of it.It reminds of a timeWhen the […]

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On putting our knives away

When things get heatedAnd conversations grow horns,Our hearts respond in turnBy coming dressed for the occasionBearing knives.Knives that are too easy to pick upAnd too hard to put down-Lacerations of the tongueTargeted jabs of the replyAnd the ever-threatening knife to the throatOf a sharp tone of voice.Its unfortunate that long afterThe final word has been […]

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Suck. They congeal slowly. The original sin Gets buried under layers of Consequent cold shoulders And dirty looks Until we’re left holding onto something That’s difficult to define. Its unfortunate that even When we are being reminded daily Of the fragility of the human condition We still hold onto grudges As though they were prized […]

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