Where you went to school

Tells us how much money your parents had to spend on your schooling Or the access you had to a great scholarship. It tells us the kinds of opportunities that were afforded to you The kind of networks you have been exposed to. It tells us a lot of things, but not everything. Here’s what […]

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Making right

There is nothing quite like making right with someone you care about, Ending a cold war of Leaving important things unsaid Withholding affection and Convincing ourself that you don’t need that person in your life, Promising yourself to not let down your pride Until they let down theirs. It can really be exhausting to keep […]

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There is a certain pressure that comes Within the Christian community; To be gracious, full of integrity Always caring, seeking justice for others And of course, never sinful. These are all good fruits of being a Christian but one should never confuse them as things one needs to do in order to maintain their status […]

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Setbacks. Things not going according to “plan”. We often hold all too dearly to the timetables that we set for ourselves As we sometimes fail to meet our own expectations or the standards set by our peers. Though it’s no fun missing a flight, repeating a year of school, growing up with a learning disability […]

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Common Denominator

In mathematics Equations have numerators on top And denominators at the bottom. The mathematician is tasked with finding A common denominator that will help solve the equation. An equalising factor that will put all the coefficients On the same level. Christ Jesus is the common denominator for all men. He placed all men on a […]

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Real Humans

Are not like the ones on TV. Their lines are not perfect And they will often miss their cues. They have no obligation to your story line, You are not the director, And you don’t get to draft their script. They are not here to entertain you. So if you ever have a real relationship […]

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On shrugging your shoulders

Do it enough times And you will forget that your opinion even matters, Turn a blind eye often enough and you’ll stop seeing injustice for what it is. Making excuses and accepting nonesense for the sake of peace Only makes “peace” for a short while. But sooner or later, complacency in the midst of chaos, […]

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