The state of being aware of the underlying messaging all around you. Its understanding privilege and your lack of it Because if you are already privileged There is no need to get woke Because you’re living the dream And you don’t even know it. For the white male It seems that for the longest time […]

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Talk at me

We’ve agreed to talk at each other, Not to one another. We have set up virtual realities That allow us to speak in punchlines and sound bites, That facilitate shallow conversations And eaily like-able pictures that idolize happiness, We have reduced the nuances of the real human beings of the world To a series of […]

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Uneven scale

What are we really rewarding? If you have a “good accent” you will succeed here If your parents had money, you can stick around  If you don’t call us out on our systemic biases then you’re well-balanced If you want to be more like us then you’re brilliant  If you’re not too rooted in a […]

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Violence? Protesters throw stones at government buildings Burning tires in the middle of the road. Overturned vehicles with gaping, smashed windows Business cannot go on as usual, An institution suffers a loss. Chaos. Unrest. Rebellion   Violence. Institutional bias against the weakest. The same kind of students somehow always fail to reach graduation day; And […]

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Starving in the midst of plenty, Loneliness in the company of loved ones Claustrophobia in an open space, Dying of thirst in the heart of the ocean. The irony. Diabetes occurs when the body is incapable Of absorbing glucose from the bloodstream And so while glucose abounds in the blood The cells of the body […]

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I am no patriot

I am no patriot. I stand far off and make suggestions As my nation crumbles in the distance. It makes for great intellectual conversation And stimulating meetings discussing the state of affairs, But to be honest those words and arguments will count for nothing Because tomorrow where my voice is needed most I will hold […]

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