Waiting for an invite

Unless you’ve made a really great impression on a really select few people with influence, The industry isn’t really going to send you an invite, To come and do the work you really want to do. You may never be more than a pawn on some people’s chess boards And fighting to be more than […]

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Take stock

There is a kind of morality That stems from a desire to have a perfect resum√©, To be spoken well of, To be known and remembered for our great virtues. However, if we are the centre of our own struggles with ourselves, Where a “clean record” is the core of our reasons to not be […]

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How much evidence do you need that is contrary to what you currently believe For you to change your mind? There’s a difference between not having enough proof To support a claim And choosing not to acknowledge what’s right in front of you. How much good does a man have to do To prove that […]

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Slow internet

Half-loaded images. Non-responsive links. The eternal loading sign That never seems to end. Videos that buffer for longer than the actual viewing time An altogether slothful experience that makes you feel like your life is slowing ebbing away as you stare at a screen. For all the hype we make about technology making life easier, […]

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Coming of age

This year all the 90s kids will officially be counted as adults. We are coming of age. The talk of the “next generation” has been on the lips of many,¬†from pulpits to rallies to corporate boardrooms, And while some have made room for newcomers There has been a growing sense among us millennials of not […]

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Debt overlap

When you do someone a favor that you expect to be paid back, Be sure to make your intentions known. Especially if there is a chance that the other person is not aware that this is “that kind of favor”. Generosity is not the same as doing a favor that you expect to be paid […]

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Where you went to school

Tells us how much money your parents had to spend on your schooling Or the access you had to a great scholarship. It tells us the kinds of opportunities that were afforded to you The kind of networks you have been exposed to. It tells us a lot of things, but not everything. Here’s what […]

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