On Giving

There are moments when you see a need And you’re in a position to help But then you hesistate. Maybe the prospective recipient of your generosity Is someone who typically doesn’t say thank you, Or at least not the way you like to be thanked. Worse yet, they could see your open hand And try […]

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The twang

Its that particular way of speaking That draws a certain kind of attention And is perhaps one of the most polarizing things In modern black African culture. The way you speak. That idea of being ‘well spoken’ Being able to roll this English thing on your tongue As though it were your mother’s. It says […]

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Part of the problem

There is a peculiar kind of defensiveness That comes when someone suggests that you are a part of the problem. A sense of disbelief that anyone would think that lowly of you And would even hint at the fact That you are somehow participating in unsavory things like Systemic racism, inequality and sexism. Its a […]

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Ready to talk

When someone is mad at you Or you are mad at them, It sometimes helps to remember that There is more to your relationship than the offending event(s) That seem to taint everything the other person does. That there is something worth fighting for Because if there wasn’t – you wouldn’t be mad. So once […]

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On asking for help

When asking for help, It is useful to remember that It really isn’t about you. Well, of course  in the larger sense it is about you because you are the one doing the asking. But it is also not about you in the sense that it does not make you subservient. It does not make […]

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She did not rob us

She did not rob us (of herself) Of her love, her gifts, her greeting and her contribution.   Whenever we  live and work with other people There is always the risk of being offended, or misunderstood And being taken advantage of. So, many of us take our time before we allow ourselves to open up, […]

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