His smile moved across his face like a slow puddle. Slow joy. Steady mirth. This was not a happy-clappy sudden flash of teeth. Indeed few had seen his teeth before. Yet there they were White soldiers of truth Standing in two rows, gradually appearing As the thick folds of his lips Retreated. Slowly. Unforced, albeit […]

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It helps

It helps to be generous It helps to care. It helps to be the first to greet. It helps to not be on your phone in meetings It helps to have meaningful ( and short) meetings. It helps to respect other people’s time It helps to respect other people It helps not to slander your […]

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Peeling bananas

There are some things that must be done first A door must be opened to enter a house A curtain drawn to see the view Socks before shoes Underwear before pants (usually), You gotta crack the egg at some point You have to peel the banana before you eat it. Sometimes the conversations we are […]

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You can run But not too fast. Fly. But not too high. Never forget your place in the world. Change is slow And promises are made To be broken (right?) Or at least partially fulfilled, So many have suffered before you They turned out okay, What makes you different? ”You would do the same if […]

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When those ¬†with strength shrug their shoulders And wash their hands of the struggle of the weak, And the wealthy behave as though The poor do not exist. When the powerful man does not see The cause of the powerless as urgent as his own Walking as though oblivious to inequality Impervious to suffering Indifferent. […]

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We too

We too Though our skin be dark And our eyes be brown, We too are made in the image of God We too are worthy of more than pity We too are inhabitants of Gods green earth We too have high hopes and dream To soar above the waves of life We too do not […]

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Sweeter than we could have anticipated We do not turn to Him because He fulfills a perceived need of ours We turn to Him because He is the true lover of our souls He is more dear and true than we had initiated dared to believe We turn to Him because He is true He […]

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