Mystery Box

The room we leave in our hearts for the Omniscient One.A dedicated space for the pain we will never understand,Where perplexity goes to lie-The resting place of despair.The mystery box isAn acknowlement of our limits of knowing-Surrender of our rights for clarity;Heavy leaning on Sovereignty.Trusting that the Good Shepherd holds all our daysWith all they […]


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On swallowing

Where does offence go to die?Does it linger in the airLike an invisible toxinChoking youCompelling youTo spit back the venomYou have receivedJust so you can breath again?Or do you swallow it?Determined to keep the peaceYou bite-size the offenseUntil the pieces accumulate and formA disturbing lump in your bellyFilling you upWith an empty resentment?Swallowing offense often […]

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Funeral of self

There we wereGarbed in fine clothesPerched on an altarSurrounded by loved onesMaking promises to have and to holdIn good times and badEuphoric feelings bubblingJoyful tears streamingPutting to deathThe version of ourselvesThat thrived on doing our own thing.We had come to witnessThe mortal woundingOf our singlehoodThe renunciation of our independenceThe funeral of self.

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Church as a casino

What happens when consumerism comes to church?When our pews start feeling an awful lot likeSeats in front of a slot machine?When our ministers morph into celebritiesEntertaining us from a heavy stage-A stage laden with the gold of the earnest giverAnd the trust of thousands-Trust that will inevitably be broken?The church is not a casino.It is […]

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Same same

But different.Did we learn from this pandemic?Are we now inclined to a better existenceOr did we just have a brief hiatusFrom the status quo?You would think that a globalApocalyptic eventWould have changed us more-Softened our hard heartsStrengthened our resolveSteadied our gaze on what matters most.We were re-acquanted with the fragility of lifeAnd those of us […]

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Our work as chiropractors

Matters.Not because we are beholden to a philosophyOr consistent with a guideline-For these are only signposts along the way.Indeed we follow the evidenceNot for its own sakeBut because it points us to a greater reality:The effective, compassionate alleviation of bodily affliction.Our work as chiropractors mattersBecause it is a means by which we add our vote […]

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Balance is over-rated

Because growth is rarely symmetrical.Not all our hopesCan be realized in a single dayAnd we aren’t always chasingThe same things in this life.There are seasonsWhen home is where freedom livesAnd othersWhen home is where your dreams go to die,Times when you have a lot to offer the worldAnd others when all have in youIs space […]

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On making the future possible

There is a element of our workThat waits for the future to happen-A rested posture that acknowledgesThe unexpected nature of reality;Deeply longing for what could beYet making peace with life as it is.And then there is a stance of the soulThat is poised to the knowledge that today isn’t all there is-An expectant crouchAn eager […]

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For the love of the pen

Not for your applause.Not for my name in lights.Not for my ego to be strokedBut because words can be beautiful scrapsFor making music out of silenceAnd silencing demons in my head-Today is blog number one thousand.A thousand times I doubtedAnd showed up against my better judgment,A thousand times I wonderedIf anyone would even careAnd then […]

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