The First of January

Is a loaded day.Deeply hungoverFrom the year beforeWhile keenly awareThat a new season has come.Schedules refresh,New opportunities ariseYet the rule of progressRemains the same:Who you areMatters more than what you do.So as you make plansAnd forge those proverbial resolutionsBe sure to tend to your character;To care not just aboutThe things you will achieve this yearBut […]


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The best blog of the year

Probably isn’t the one you think.It may not have a lot of likesAnd it might take a whileBefore you see itBut the blogs you wrote this yearHelped a heart make it through the nightStopped a downward spiral of self-decayAnd became the very words of somebody’s anthem.Don’t let the metrics rule you-Write, for goodness sake, write;We […]

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Other people’s issues

It surely can’t be goodTo be so consumedWith other people’s issues,So acutely awareOf every inflection of pride,Having an internal radarThat’s always on the lookoutFor any signs of other people’s selfishnessOr unseemly behavior.What kind of a person do you becomeWhen you police morality?Will we all be better for itIf you become our watchdog of “righteousness”?Surely your […]

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Prayer for mental health

LORD God,God over my mindDesigner of my imaginationNot a thought occurs to meWith You knowingNot an inklingGoes by without You seeing.Yet anxiety drips all over my soulLike acid rainSouring my sleepAnd denigrating my waking hours.My thoughts have plunged me deepInto places so darkThey have ceased to scare me.I am too tired to tryToo worn out […]

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Growth comes quietly

Growth is not heroic.It is not often dramatic.Not often incentivized. A large chunk of it happensFar from any camera lens or microphone.Like the bones of an adolescentSilently elongating overnight,Growth comes quietly-In decisions better madeSelf-destructive tendencies quietly strangledFragile hopes gently nourished.Do not underestimate the need for patienceAnd quiet introspection –For it is there that great things […]

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On having tea with the devil

The invitation is always openBut this is not call to action-That part comes later.He entreats us with subtle half-truthsAnd accusations about our world andThe people in it:How no one has ever really loved youHow no one can be trustedHow you’ll only be happy when your dreams come true.His goal is to convince youThat forgiveness is […]

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Anxiety is not a seat-belt

It will not stop the freight train of lifeFrom chugging through your neighborhoodAnd taking you on a journeyYou may never quite understandExcept in retrospect..Most of reality will always remainOutside of your controlNo matter how hard you wish otherwise,And it might take you a whileTo accept this.Despite how strangely comfortingIt may feel to worry about the […]

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Wounded healers

Are the best ones.They have no tower to hide behind,No self-assured fluff to garnish their egoAnd very scarcely behave as thoughYour afflictions are greater than theirs ever were.Their wounds no longer oozeBut the scars are unmissable-Their hands may have been roughened by hardshipBut their hearts were somehow made softer.Their healing balm does not come fromClaiming […]

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Tiny impressions

Listen well to the quiet whispersOf the backwaters of the soul,The evasive undertones of a melody yet to be sungThe teasing phrases of unwritten scriptsThe seed of a great enterprise yet to be launchedThe inkling that she might be one-Lie mysteriouslyIn the depths of our consciousnessWaiting to be taken a hold ofAnd held fast for […]

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