The Applicant’s Prayer

Dear LORD, I never want to forget  That you are all-satisfying  And that You have my best interests At heart  Infinitely more than I do. I’ve made an application  Hedged my bets Taken a leap of faith  And now I find myself in limbo Waiting Hoping Day dreaming about how life would be  With a […]


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On being your own engine

In the early daysYou typically can’t affordTo hit the snooze button,You don’t have enough of a track recordTo be afforded the benefit of the doubt,You can’t afford a psychologistTo help you work out yourMental angstAnd you can’t affordTo be sick.In the early daysOf many endeavorsYou are your own engine,You must self regulateAnd self motivate.Sometimes all […]

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Why we raise our hands

Why volunteer? Some of us raise our hands Because we believe in a cause, Having stumbled across something noble We decide, despite the odds, To throw ourselves into it Headlong. Others of us raise our hands Because the alternatives Are so hard to sit with, So hard to reconcile, So hard to untangle the knots […]

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Joy along the way

God didn’t waitUntil day number sevenTo say‘Ít is good.’He said it fromThe very first day.Before the seas were teemingWith fishOr the skies punctuatedWith constellations,Or the hills and fieldsWere filled with tall grass and fragrant flowers.No, on that first dayWith having justSeparated light from darkness,He pronounced satisfaction,Happiness,Delight, even.Joy along the wayIs often hard to findBecause we […]

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Entry level Gigs

Mean you’ve got a got a foot in the doorYou’ve just gotten startedYou have no track recordNo one knows what you’re capable ofAnd to be honest, neither do you.You don’t know what’s round the corner,Whether the stories you’ve been toldAbout it being a ‘dead end’ are trueOr if the future doors that were advertisedWill one […]

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Proxies for progress

There are number of things in professional lifeThat serve as proxies for progress;Weak substitutesFor the work that really mattersAllowing us to be ’busy’ yet not really creating valueSpending the day raking leavesInstead of digging for gold.Important work demands focusAnd in a hyper-connected worldHellbent on distracting usFocusing on hard things is harder than ever,And its much […]

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Who are your skills for?

For people with skills that society rewards-Who are your skills for?You have acquired something valuableAnd you are equipped to solve problems,Spent years to gain masteryOvercome numerous challengesAnd now you have a capcity to create change in the world with dexterity-Utlimately what you now possess is a gift.Something to offerSomething with which to craft the world […]

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On being hard on yourself

There is freedom to be found In knowing your self worth doesn’t hang On every performance, That you’re not like an athlete Who weighs the balance of his whole existence On the outcome of a hundred metre dash. Sure, there is room for improvement But there is no room for self-mutilation Self-loathing Kicking yourself in […]

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Pressure to ‘get it right’

If by ‘getting it right’You mean creating something that cannot be improvedOr controlling events outside your current jurisdictionOr doing work that attracts no criticismThen the pressure is unwarranted.What good is ‘getting it right’If you are not able to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor?There is an eye that is almost always dissatisfiedA thirst for […]

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The faces we see on a daily basis, Familiar though we don’t really know their stories. The faces in frames on our living room wall, We may not see them daily but their stories are embedded in our own. The contacts on our phone Scrolling past people we once spent many hours with While other […]

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