Given enough time

Every pressing issue will lose its teeth.  The pain won’t always cut so deep Problems that once blot out the sun  Will slowly fade from view.  Time may not always heal  But it will at least provide some distance. 

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Time is short

So why live under pressure?Why demand that every momentBe unbelievably high?Or that every effort adds up in a wayThat immediately makes sense?Unrealistic expectationsInvite deep disappointments –So why spend the little time you haveBrushing aside the daily flecks of wonderIn pursuit of golden gourdsAt the end of elusive and potentiallyNon-existent rainbows?The time is short-Reach as high […]

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I’m getting older

I don’t always have to win.Sometimes just being here is enough.Sleep is better than TV now.Friendship is complicated-Don’t get me started about the perplexity that is romance.Family is really, really messyBut really, really important.People’s opinions are just opinions.My friends are complaining about back pain.I can genuinely smile in the mirror these days.Phone calls with Mama […]

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Rushes.The blurry weeksWedged between a resolute winterAnd an ethereal SpringThe days are hard to markThe hours seem to burn quickerLate nights all too quicklyTurn into early mornings.No longer wearing socks in bedBut shorts still feel reckless.Too warm for a heaterToo cold for a fanJanuary feels like a lifetime agoLow key dreading the early Christmas decorAt […]

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Long enough

If you sit there long enoughYou might come to seeThat the world is bigger than your problemsAnd it will keep spinning on its axisWith our without you.If you love for long enoughYou will come to know that being ‘right’ is overratedAnd it is better to simply beWith the ones you loveThan win in every circumstance.If […]

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Are made of early morningsGetting ready for church,Electric sermonsEncounters with JehovahConversations with the neighborsEasy walks in the neighborhoodAfternoon napsLong drivesSunset viewsSoccer matches on the TVHalf-read books on the tableHeavy dinners andHeartfelt phone callsGood musicOld moviesNew ideasAnd the sinking feelingThat Monday is on its way.

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The hard days

Are supposed to make sense in the end.I haven’t been there yetSo I can’t tell you for sureBut people say timeDoes something mysterious to our mindsWhere the hard thingsThat once threatened to crush us,Now ground us.Steady us.Remind usThat even if thingsDon’t go our way,And our best effortsDon’t seem to count for muchLife, in all its […]

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According to plan

We all know the great follyOf expecting things to goAccording to plan.But reality is hard to accept.It does not fall gently in our lapsLike an object we can manipulate,Speed up or slow downAs we see fit.We forget that we are just participantsAnd not the adjudicatorsThat we are a part of historyNot the authors of it.In […]

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The times they are a-changin’

Dylan was right.Reality has always been fragile,Just a matter of timeUntil what we love in this worldBecomes memories of once wasAnd in just a little whileWhat we hoped for in the distanceAnd dreaded from afarWill be right upon us.Love deeplyLive intentionallyLet your eye linger on the beauty of the earth,Let your mind be grapple with […]

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The pressure to be the greatest

Is truly unnecessary.Most of us won’t be rememberedGenerations from now.And maybe that’s not as devastatingAs it feels.Its a liberationTo be here in the momentAnd not demand that it be Instagram worthy.Being finite is not a weakness,As though it were something to be resisted.A life doesn’t need to echo through timeTo be well lived.We are not […]

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