On swallowing

Where does offence go to die?Does it linger in the airLike an invisible toxinChoking youCompelling youTo spit back the venomYou have receivedJust so you can breath again?Or do you swallow it?Determined to keep the peaceYou bite-size the offenseUntil the pieces accumulate and formA disturbing lump in your bellyFilling you upWith an empty resentment?Swallowing offense often […]

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Seek peace and pursue it

Seek peaceNot wound lickingSeek peaceNot getting evenSeek peaceNot sweeping under the rug.And when it proves illusivePress in a little longer.When today seems no differentFrom yesterday,Dig a little deeper.You are not a victimBut a person with a choice,An individual with the meansFor reconciliation.Seek peace and pursue it-Your quest will not be in vain. -Psalm 34:14

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My true love is in the sky

Beyond the cloudsAbove the crapToo deep for fluff.His smile is brighter than the sunHis moods don’t swing.His back is never turnedHis Hands are always tender.He is not as far as He seemsHe doesn’t miss a thingHe’ll never get over me –I’m always seen. Satisfy me in the morning with your steadfast love-Psalm 90:14

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A few minutes of pride

Can multiply discord In ways so shocking  They can numb you to silence  By their resulting  magnitude.  When you lose sight of your own flaws Because of the shortcomings of others You thrust yourself into  A house of illusions  Where your wounds deserve to be licked No matter the blows on others you inflict. 

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Other people’s issues

It surely can’t be goodTo be so consumedWith other people’s issues,So acutely awareOf every inflection of pride,Having an internal radarThat’s always on the lookoutFor any signs of other people’s selfishnessOr unseemly behavior.What kind of a person do you becomeWhen you police morality?Will we all be better for itIf you become our watchdog of “righteousness”?Surely your […]

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Aren’t always lonely.Aren’t necessarily antisocialNor are they invariably plagued with depression-Loners often find themselvesOn paths that only they can walk-Not angrilyAnd not seeking to prove any points;Just going solo.This part of the journey is theirsAnd theirs alone.Solitude is not a vice,Indeed it can be a pathTo finding your soul again.Not everything can be sharedNor should […]

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Beautiful wounds

Our wounds in this lifeDon’t have to fester,The bedtime emotional replaysOf our lowest points of the dayAre not compulsory featuresOf our sleep routine.The glorifying of our painUntil it becomes who we are,The celebration of ourToxic defense mechanisms for how they save usFrom further painAnd further love-These are all choicesWe really don’t have to makeWith the […]

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Itching for more

Aren’t you tired of the same old arguments? The familiar narratives about the world  And your place in it? Cynicism is heavy And ‘seeing through everything’ Gets old after a while.  You are not obligated  To perpetuate your poorest choices- The future makes no such demands. You’re itchy And you’ve been that way for a […]

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Fake forgiveness

Is rushed Half baked  Performative  And full of pretence It harbours bitterness  Allows abuse to continue And pays lip service to one of God’s greatest gifts.  It’s true that forgiveness is vital  But it’s counterfeit is deeply detrimental.  We do not forgive for the sake of appearances of peace Nor for a higher moral ground. […]

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Hard questions

Are not asked by peopleThat don’t care.Nor are they evidenceThat you don’t belongAnd they do not have to be interpretedAs attacks on your identity.Hard questionsAre proof that you are surroundedBy people that care too muchTo see you suckAnd who have tied their successTo your own,Who have eyes to seeWho you really areWhen your own perspectivesLead […]

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