Once more

The occurrence of a setting sunTells us that light is impermanent,That darkness is always imminent andSignals that even the brightest daysCome to an end.But the world doesn’t stop spinningWhen the sun goes down-Soon enoughThat sun will rise again.We’ve been through hard thingsBefore-Loss of loved onesDeath of dreamsDeep regrets.Battered, bruisedAnd light depraved as we’ve been,We made […]


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Learning to swim

Sometimes it’s not that you’re a bad swimmer-You’ve landed yourself in choppy waters.Sometimes the water will be colder than you expected-Swim fast to keep warm.Sometimes your arms and legs will get tired-Take a break. This is not a race.Sometimes you’ll just tread water and stay in the same spot-You could use the exercise. Keep paddling.Sometimes […]

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Staying in your lane

Doesn’t have to be a put down Or a sign that you don’t belong That you cannot do great things That your story cannot change. It can also mean knowing yourself Well enough to actively choose your own path And trusting yourself enough To persevere when things don’t seem too promising. Your lane is yours […]

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Spoiled for choice

Living in a world where “Anything is possible” opens our eyes to see possibility Yet simultaneously blurs our view With so much to choose from that it Makes it near impossible To focus on what matters. Worse still, even once we have made a choice The knowledge that there may been a better option Has […]

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You Only Get Today OnceUnlike YOLOThis is not an endorsement of a scarcity mindsetAs though we should behave as though this moment is all that we have.It’s not.We have a historyAnd God willing we have a future,And today is an opportunity to tip the arcThat connects our past and our future in a particular direction.The […]

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Day one

12 months ago We sat down and dreamed About what this new decade would be like. We projected and analyzed Having several assumptions based On what previous years had afforded us. But after a year like 2020, When so many things we had taken for granted Were upended in a matter of days, When we […]

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Track Record

We will not always find ourselvesOn the right side of history.One day, we may look atSome of the ideas we entertainedOr the things we overlookedAnd wish we had chosen different.Thought different.Been different.But we are who we areAnd we have come to where we are,One decision at a time. The task, then, is to decideHow the […]

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By Zero

Many of us have more ideas and aspirations Than tangible accomplishments. You may have little in your hands But there is possibility just beyond your present reality In the realm of your imagination. Sometimes you can almost taste it. But your thoughts need feet. Your best intentions Multiplied by zero action Gives you a grand […]

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We broke a window yesterday at my cousin’s. Well, actually, the wind broke it. But it’s because we left it open during the storm. Partly our fault but Mostly nature’s doing. Anyways, we fixed it today. Partly because we could afford to Mostly because it’s the kind of thing that happens here. Problems get solved. […]

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Chiropractic for the most vulnerable

Dr Kudzai Zvenyika, a chiropractor, speaking to patients in Gutu,Zimbabwe. The burden of musculoskeletal disorders is greatest amongst the poor and elderly particularly those living in rural communities (1). In countries like Zimbabwe where a series of economic meltdowns have significantly decreased the quality of life of millions, the health inequality gap between the haves […]

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