Hands that give

Are never empty.Their trust in the earth’s abundanceMakes them generous,Keeps them from a mindset of scarcityEmboldens them to live as foolsIn a world that rewards shameless grasping,For they know that hoardingIs the real foolishness,That seeds are to be sown-Not eaten.They are not afraid of pruningFor they know that losing a little nowCan lead to abundance […]


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Hands that grasp

Are rarely full.Always wanting moreYet never making room,Forcing their way to the frontYet somehow still falling behind,Demanding to be heardWhile taking for granted those who listen.Yes, hands that graspAre never full,Because good things easily slipOut of wrongful handsEither by fateOr by simply not being the kind of personWho can handleGood thingsWhen they come.

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Our obligations

Include loving our neighborTaking care of the planetAnd making something of our lives.We are not obligatedTo the anger our racial group or gender carriesTo the assumptions of scarcity of peopleWho went before usAnd definitely not to the nagging voice in your headKeeping score of all the injustices (real or perceived)That have been done to you.We […]

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Heart solo

The heart sings solo. People may harmonise with us in heartache But they can never actually sing our song. They might cheer us on on our big day But the race is ours to run. No one else can be in your corner  Quite like you are in your own. The heart flies solo. It […]

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On forcing vulnerability

It is quite unnaturalFor us to share so much of our inner life.To have a communal spaceWhere our private musingsAre open for public discourse.Not every voice needs to be heardNot every thought said aloud.We can still be wholeAnd have secrets.Discretion is not a vice.Ultimately part of what makesVulnerability so valuableIs how rare it is.Don’t force […]

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On hulking out

Its not just that he ‘made me’ madHe made me hate who I became around himHow my laughter dried upHow my eyes no longer freely roamed the roomHow nothing seemed good anymoreHow sure I became that none of this was my faultAnd that he had become the bane of my existence.And just like that I […]

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A thousand tiny acts of rebellion

Against a “dictatorship on non-alternatives”Against the prevailing zeitgeist of self-worshipAgainst that voice in your headAgainst the feeling that life would be better if you weren’t around.Against such things – rebel.In a world that constantly finds a way to lean towards self-annihilationTo always be in tandem with itIs the greatest anarchy of all.The feelings may be […]

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House of stone

There will be days when you don’t feel like itNights when tears come too easily,Mornings where the Sun isn’t welcomeDays when you feel like love isn’t enoughWhen your own hands threaten destroy the things you loveClose brushes with death that you carelessly brush off.When nothing can penetrateThe house of stoneYou’ve stowed your heart in.

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For the love of anger

It turns out anger is prettySatisfying to keep around.It fortifies your moral high groundAnd distinguishes you from the riffraffWho have no opinion.And people take you more seriouslyWhen you’ve really perfected it,Maybe even decorated itWith a touch of sarcasm.Oh and how delightful resentment is,I can’t seem to get enough of it.It reminds of a timeWhen the […]

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Privileged fools

Privilege does not necessarily make us foolsBut it easily can.Not because it dimishes our intellectOr erodes our common sense,But because our advantagesHave simplified our daily experiences,Reducing the enormity of lifeTo bite-size chunks,Taming our existence,Shielding us from harsh realitiesThat others know as commonplace.These are not sins to repent ofOr blessings to overlook,But a lens to be […]

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