On being certain

Certainty is illusive.Counterproductive even.The progress I sacrificeIn pursuit of itIs rarely ever worth the trade.I have found thatA self-determined lifeThat is only as big as my imaginationIs deeply dissatsfying.I am not God.So rather than demandCertaintyI would do well toNot give in to my anxious thoughtsClawing for control and whining forGuarantees,Because this life will always be […]

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Saying Yes

Comes at a cost.The cost of saying noTo other things thatCould also workTo other peopleWho could be great companionsTo other versions of our storyThat seem to hold so much promiseThat we will never come to know.To say yesTo one pathIs essentially to say noTo many others,And far being from a life of bondageTo a single […]

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