Hands that grasp

Are rarely full.Always wanting moreYet never making room,Forcing their way to the frontYet somehow still falling behind,Demanding to be heardWhile taking for granted those who listen.Yes, hands that graspAre never full,Because good things easily slipOut of wrongful handsEither by fateOr by simply not being the kind of personWho can handleGood thingsWhen they come.


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In real life aren’t like the movies.Often you may be the only oneWho notices the changeIn the posture of your heartThe new track in your train of thoughtFresh streak of confidence in your stride.It may take a whileFor the rest of us to seeThe person you are becomingFor many a great masterpieceWas faithfully forged in […]

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The First of January

Is a loaded day.Deeply hungoverFrom the year beforeWhile keenly awareThat a new season has come.Schedules refresh,New opportunities ariseYet the rule of progressRemains the same:Who you areMatters more than what you do.So as you make plansAnd forge those proverbial resolutionsBe sure to tend to your character;To care not just aboutThe things you will achieve this yearBut […]

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Growth comes quietly

Growth is not heroic.It is not often dramatic.Not often incentivized. A large chunk of it happensFar from any camera lens or microphone.Like the bones of an adolescentSilently elongating overnight,Growth comes quietly-In decisions better madeSelf-destructive tendencies quietly strangledFragile hopes gently nourished.Do not underestimate the need for patienceAnd quiet introspection –For it is there that great things […]

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Substitutes for honesty

Are glaringly inadequate.Forced relationshipsBorn out of neediness;Enormous family riftsThat grow with every passing year of noisy conversations that reek of the unspoken conversations underneath;Entire careersBuilt on the back of proving a point.When we fail to be honestWe benefit our delusionsAt the expense of who we really are.Here we are no longer real peopleWith real hopes […]

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What makes a life worthwhile?  The chances we get  And the choices we make  The people we cling to  And the ones we leave behind The times we were certain of our abandonment  And the moments when our good fortunes seemed inevitable. 30 years ago  Countless little miracles  Were set in motion  That made my […]

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Intellectual Ancestors

More than any book we’ll ever readOr talk we’ll ever hearOr degree we’ll ever earn,The people we journey withWill have the greatest impact onThe frame of thought we inhabitThe things we createAnd the people we become along the way.Conversations and revelationsTight hugs and heated argumentsWordless tears and overcooked discussions-These co-sojournersThese interlocutorsThese intellectual ancestorsWho help us […]

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The problem with living in your head

Mostly comes whenYou’re the only one in there.Indulging your own insecuritiesObsessing over your own shortcomingsSpending all your thinking capitalTrying to fill the black holeOf self-affirmationSelf-angrandisementSelf-coddling.But there are few better placesThan a mind that is hellbentOn a holy cause,Grappling with the lives of othersCommittted to their goodThinking deeply about what freedomMight look likeOn the backs of […]

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Long roads

At some point you realizeThat those are the only roadsYou have left-The one without guard railsOr dry runsOr pit stops around every corner.Becoming wholeDoesn’t happenJust because we are aware ofOur need for it.It is a roadThat must be walked downA destiny that demands to beContested for.The best version of ourselvesWill be excavated from the dirtNot […]

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Own two feet

We don’t need othersTo end up face first on the floorWe can land up thereAll by ourselves.Other people cannot beHeld accountableFor the poor choices we make.It is our own feetThat need strengtheningOur own soulsThat thirst for redemption.Rather than searching high and lowFor a world that doesn’t offendOr temptBetter to find enough lightTo keep your feetFrom […]

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