Light up a dark roomOr burn down the whole thing-The choice is yours.Coming from povertyIs not a prelude to corruption,Broken families don’t singularly serve as the substrateFor a broken life-It is only paraffin.Cards dealt,Not destiny secured.In the end He will not ask usWhat brand of paraffin was usedOr how fairly it was distributedBut only what […]

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A nation of constraints

A land of great promise.A nation teeming with potential.Raising up a generation that isYet to see this promise fulfilled,Far from seeeimg the good of all these so-called possibilities,The bread basket has been emptyFor a while nowYet somehow there are some among us who are bloated from consumption.This is what it’s like to be raised inA […]

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Making Africans 3D

She was more than one thing.She was not merely a colonial productNor was she a child of the the revolution.She did not claim to speak for her whole raceAnd resented the fact that she was asked to do soHer reality was a thing of miracles and tragediesOf a constant proximity to electrifying povertyAnd sobering prosperityWorlds […]

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“Restless”Is a more accurate descriptionThan “the city that doesn’t sleep”For there is a lot of slumbering here,Lots of eyes closed to sufferring within and withoutNumbed consciencesAnd silenced voices-Yes, plenty of sleepBut rest evades the city.Harare is a synonym for hustlingFor making do with the little one hasFor never quite fullyShowing your hand,For defying the oddsFor […]

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Not quite the place I rememberBut still the place I love.Too warm to have a ‘proper winter’Too diverse to not belong to all of usFood that feels like homeFriends that feel like familyWarm walks along the beachDreamy nights along the coast.The place I found many loves-The love of GodThe love of my fellowAnd the love […]

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Unbuckling whiteness

Is tricky business.Because it takes a whileTo recognize the thingsThat you always considered ‘normal’To really just be white.Unlearning a strange form of self-policingThat finds many of the non-whiteThings about yourselfSomehow problematic.And doing all thisWithout hating yourselfOr your white neighbour,Because loving bothIsn’t always easy.Unbuckling whitenessIs not about resentmentOr censureBut about coming to rest comfortablyIn a non-white […]

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The business panacea

In a world of ever increasingSocial ills,The promise of entrepreneurshipGradually inflates in size and scopeUntil it becomes the only way forwardWe imagine possible.In a milieu of poor alternativesThe private businessHas become the magic bullet,The pure blade,The weapon of choiceTo slay our giantsAnd make us whole.But how can we expect businessTo solve the problems the StateHas […]

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African hands

Have been in high demandFor centuries.Hands that build empires for othersFists to fight the wars of othersPalms outstretched to the goodwill of othersFingers to grasp the fruits of the trees of others.We know well what Africans can doWith their hands,Indeed they have held many a society together.But what of African heads?What of the thought leadership […]

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Father’s bread

Fed me well. I grew up on the stuff, It taught my tongue  How good food tastes Gave my belly an appreciation  For wholeness  And sustained me in my youth.  So much of what I am today Is only possible because of it.  Coming home is more than seeing Familiar places  And missing old faces […]

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