The Almighty Dollar

Hail hail.

All glory be

To the Almighty Dollar

That validates me.

Nothing can keep a soul chasing 

Or a heart pining

Quite like money. 

What else can elevate you to the stars 

When you possess it 

And leave you for dead in the dumps 

In its absence?

Is there a more potent drink known to man

Than the heady experience 

Of coming into sudden riches?

Is there a deeper sense of insecurity 

Than poverty? 

Few things are more capable in this life,

Of disfiguring a human soul 

Quite like a deep trust in money,

An identity shaped by a bank balance,

A sense of worth dictated by a payslip.

We worship the Almighty Dollar

To our own demise- 

For it is an unforgiving god 

And a raging task master 

A savage judge and a ruthless jury –

Enslaving us to our passions 

Putting a price tag to our very existence,

Reducing the worth of human life 

To mere dollars and cents.


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