The business of redemption

We cannot redeem ourselves.
There is no soap strong enough
To scrub our past
Not enough self-help and motivational content
To unquestionably alter our trajectories
There isn’t enough self-care in the world
To truly make ourselves whole.
Our stories didn’t need edits-
They needed to be re-told
Powerfully re-weaved
Decisively remastered,
Where the marks we’ve made with our failures
Are met with the indelible strokes
Of a Master storyteller
Who makes families out of lonely men
And matriarchs out of barren women.
The business of redemption
Is the creative work
Of using even the very darkest days
Of life on this earth
To yield something new
Something bright
Something far better
Than we’d have thought possible
Any other way.

You turned my mourning into dancing
Psalm 30:11


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