What makes a life worthwhile? 

The chances we get 

And the choices we make 

The people we cling to 

And the ones we leave behind

The times we were certain of our abandonment 

And the moments when our good fortunes seemed inevitable.

30 years ago 

Countless little miracles 

Were set in motion 

That made my life possible.

Perfectly orchestrated 

Wonders and disasters

Weaved altogether 

To make a tapestry of life.

Breath in my lungs 

Hope in my heart

Faith in my step –

 All gifs  from God.

Fear in my mind 

Depravity in my soul

Weakness in my convictions-

All occasions for redemption.

Three decades of life 

Is more than many have ever had

And yet there remains an 

Appetite for more.

I come to this threshold 

Grateful for what has come to pass

And hopeful for the days ahead.

To more life. 


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