There is more than enough for everybody

Believing this changes a lot.
There’s no jostling for crumbs
Or conspiring just to belong
Keeping tabs on everyone’s spot on the totem pole
Convinced that life depends
On your ability to manipulate it,
Hogging every opportunity
For fear that this might be the last.
Despite what it might feel like
There’s more than enough for everybody.
Life expands to the level of your genrosity
Or contracts to the degree of your self-absorption.
What you have may not be all you need right now
And indeed there are far too many
That go without
But more often than not
It is our cravings and insecurities
That feed our sense of inadequacy
More than any physical resource we lack.
In the end, abundance
Is more a posture of the heart
Than an accumulation of goods.

It is enough.


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