I’m getting older

I don’t always have to win.
Sometimes just being here is enough.
Sleep is better than TV now.
Friendship is complicated-
Don’t get me started about the perplexity that is romance.
Family is really, really messy
But really, really important.
People’s opinions are just opinions.
My friends are complaining about back pain.
I can genuinely smile in the mirror these days.
Phone calls with Mama are precious.
My childhood crush wasn’t actually that amazing in retrospect.
My favorite songs only play on the radio’s ‘old school’ hour-
I still listen to an actual radio.
Not having money is not the end of the world.
Most things can wait –
But some things are too important.
People ask me how many kids I have.
I get more from a conversation by listening.
Rude people are not offensive – just annoying.
Proving a point is too much work.
Love is a choice.
Maturity is a verb.
Life goes on.


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