Not knowing as a resource

Despite what Google would have you believe
Not knowing is actually a resource,
A gift even.
To not already know what someone is going to say
Keeps you on the edge of your seat
Waiting for each sentence,
Not knowing for sure how difficult the work is
Keeps you from quitting upfront.
Not knowing every part of the path
Keeps you from walking foolishly.
Not knowing why the universe works the way it does
Keeps you from being responsible for it all.
Despite our best efforts at omniscience
We will never actually know it all-
And that isn’t the liability we think it is.
Indeed in the moment,
The things we don’t know seem like
The greatest roadblocks to our progress,
When in actuality they are the
Wide open spaces
That are filled by things
We never saw coming-
Our deepest fears
And most treasured wonders all at once.


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