Here again

In deep need of mercy
Aching for grace
For Something bigger than me
To get me outside of me
And help me see that my fears
Don’t actually blot out the sun.
When earth’s darkest day
Gives way to earth’s darkest night
There will be One
Who will do more than merely gentrify the darkness.
He has waded into our sadness
Immersed Himself in our filth
He had no fear of the abyss
His lip did not quiver
At the sight of our delusions.
Darkness will not have the last say
It will not always prevail
It will not always lie so thick-
He will hold up a light to it
That will slice through the shadows
And beckon us back to wholeness
Back to Him

The Lord is good to all,
    and his mercy is over all that he has made.
-Psalm 145:9


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