The problem with living in your head

Mostly comes when
You’re the only one in there.
Indulging your own insecurities
Obsessing over your own shortcomings
Spending all your thinking capital
Trying to fill the black hole
Of self-affirmation
But there are few better places
Than a mind that is hellbent
On a holy cause,
Grappling with the lives of others
Committted to their good
Thinking deeply about what freedom
Might look like
On the backs of the burdened.
In a world of nuanced terrors
It is not enough to simply
“Get out of our heads”
And get stuff done-
For many a great endeavor
Has been birthed in the human mind
And nations rise and fall
On the enacted thoughts of the powerful.
Overthinking therefore,
Is not a problem in and of itself
The question is what good will come
From your contemplation?


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