The words I most want to write

Evade me.
Like toddler too fast for their size
The words are within view
But find ways of hiding beneath tables
And behind curtains
Playfully frustrating me
Gently irritating
As if they know
That if I lose my cool
I’d be forced to forfeit the game
And have no right to hold the baby-
The paragraph
The stanza
The story-
The words I most want to write.
Once in a while
In the recesses of my mind
In a place lodged just behind my ears
Comes an affirming voice,
A voice of reason
That reminds me why
I need to sit in this chair a while longer
And agonise a little bit more
With these words that don’t seem
Quite right-
‘’Keep it cool, young man,
Don’t let the game rattle you
Just keep showing up
Keystroke after keystroke
And soon enough
You will have your hands full
Of precious cargo.”


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