Double Click

It is easy to hover over an issue 

Like a cursor 

Making assertions from a safe distance

Holding assumptions that ruffle no feathers,

Sharing safe opinions

Making generic recommendations

And not be held accountable for them.

For many things in this life,

That is all that is needed –

To have a general idea

To know just enough to be dangerous 

But not useful. 

It’s quite another to get invested

In problems that you care about,

To risk having your own myths 


To be confronted by inconvenient realities,

To sit with uncomfortable questions 

To not be so sure anymore.

To double click 

Is to follow your curiosity 

Into places where you might not be in control 

And to participate in the process

Of uncovering versions of the story 

That are closer to the truth

Regardless of the outcome. 


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