For the youth

Why is it that youth need to be ‘empowered’?
Who were our parents building for all along?

We have never been
“The next generation” –
From the moment we were born
We had a part to play.
They told us to wait and watch.
We were children then
And now we are adults
And it is becoming increasingly obvious
How foolish it is to keep waiting
To be to told
When it will be our turn.
The Boomers made so much of the world we inhabit
And they are fading fast now,
The Gen X-ers were in it for themselves
And we grew up inhaling their exhaust fumes,
Now we too are coming of age –
Bumbling through adulthood
Trying to change the world, get rich
And keep our mental health intact.
No one is going to give us a pass
A sign that it’s time to show up
To be the architects of our cultural moment.
There is no formal invitation.
We the youth
Must unapologetically inhabit the earth;
Be fruitful
And multiply.


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