‘That was deep’

How unfortunate is the thirsty man
Who encounters a glass of water
But fails to drink of its contents
Because of his preoccupation
With its presentation,
To spend his time fascinated
By how eloquently the water was served
How wonderfully the waiter was dressed
And how it came to be that this glass of water
Arrived in front of him-
And yet never drinks of it.
We are surrounded by words that could change our lives-
Week after week we sit under sermons
Morning after morning we listen to podcasts
We scour YouTube looking for more things to applaud
Another book
Another wise quote-
And yet we never quite let the words settle in us
Never let their balm find our wounds
Never go beyond our ears being tickled
And our social media updated.
Knowledge can do so much more than
Entertain us,
Indeed it can make us
An entirely new people.
If we let it.


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