Finding your place

Is surprisingly hard in this life.
It’s harder than it looks
To get up from under the weight
Of placing yourself at the axis of reality,
To live as though the circumstances of your life
Don’t blot out the Sun.
Indeed it is human
To place yourself at the center of a narrative.
It is not easy to accept
That you are a created being,
To truly live proportionate
To your actual place in the universe,
To accept your limits and not rail against them
To cease from your rebellion
To yield to Another’s will.
Many of of us are convinced
That we must strive relentlessly
For a version of our lives that we were always meant to live
And we will spend our days in pursuit of it
Lest it never comes.
Others of us live in quiet desperation
As we come to terms with our inability
To make ourselves whole,
Resigning our hopes and settling
To inhale depravity as though it were oxygen.
This world was here long before
Even the greatest of us
And it will most likely outlive us all,
And yet each life will matter.
So whether your name is etched in history one day
Or in the end you are largely forgotten,
Your place in the world
Will be the only place available for you to occupy-
You would do well to embrace it.


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