On being sure you’re behind

The totem pole
Doesn’t sum up all of human flourishing.
It doesn’t account for
Your private wins that no one else cares about,
Your secret battles with sin
And the hard won inner territories,
The stutter you learned to still
And the healing of the wounded child inside of you,
The effort you still make to not let your past
Hold you back
And the daily practices
That help you find your centre.
We’ve all had to weather
A number of storms to get here,
And there are no two phenomena alike,
For no two human hearts survive affliction
In the same way,
Hence we can only rise to the occasion
With the strength of our own legs.
So just because someone else
Seems to have more figured out,
Less baggage to be concerned about,
And a seemingly clear path ahead of them-
That doesn’t mean you’re behind.
You’re on your path
In your lane
Living out a story that’s never been told.
You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.


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