The business panacea

In a world of ever increasing
Social ills,
The promise of entrepreneurship
Gradually inflates in size and scope
Until it becomes the only way forward
We imagine possible.
In a milieu of poor alternatives
The private business
Has become the magic bullet,
The pure blade,
The weapon of choice
To slay our giants
And make us whole.
But how can we expect business
To solve the problems the State
Has failed and long abandoned?
Are we not fools to trust in blind market forces
To show us the way?
When we sacrificed our vision for public value
On the altar of private gain,
What did we lose?
There are no panaceas.
Only pieces of the puzzle.
While business culture has improved our lives
And taken many of us out of the jaws of poverty,
It has also reinforced our divisions
And left far too many of us


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